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Here at Redline Restorations, we know how much your classic car means to you. That’s why we put your best interests at the heart of our refurbishment service. Before any work is done, we’ll evaluate your vehicle’s condition and your unique requirements – ensuring every detail is perfected to your wishes.


Many folks simply want to get their car running and on the road, safely. Our team of technicians has extensive certifications from multiple manufacturers. We can do simple oil changes for your classic all the way up to competition preparation for historic racing events such as the Mille Miglia. Be it a brake job or an engine rebuild, we have the tools, skills and experience to accommodate your needs.


Bespoke metal work is the unsung hero of the restoration world. When carefully and methodically bringing these cars back to life, calling the parts department for replacement panels is not an option. That being said, the existing, damaged coachwork must be repaired, or it must be exactly recreated by hand. Our metal shop has all the equipment and tooling to effect old-world craftsmanship, from steel to alloy.  


Paint is our proverbial calling card. We are widely-recognized and even awarded for our immaculate finish work. In this field, there is no truer saying than ‘victory loves preparation’. The end result is entirely dependent on the meticulous attention to detail before setting foot in the spray booth. We use the finest materials from the world’s best providers. Whether you want an exact factory match or a custom blend, we have you covered to the highest show finishing standards.


Thread and needle are equally important to the overall fit and finish of your restoration as a wrench, welder and spray guy. After all, you drive the car from the inside, so why not enjoy the experience as much as you have invested in the exterior? Our in-house interior shop uses the highest-grade hides to create an elegantly supple interior to your exact specification. Pleating, piping and tufting are just some of the countless options.

Show Support

Need a hosted show or private event? We have you covered. Contact us about larger scale multiple car catering services. From logistics to detailing.

Contact and contract us for show support! Our dressed to impress on site techs can handle any task, from a thorough detailing show field upkeep to a race / rally preparation with chase car!


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